web design, development

project brief

After Jack Henry acquired Banno, we didn’t really touch Honestly, I was just waiting for the marketing team to shut it down. But we were able to convince them that we nee to communicate our value proposition for the platform, so we started a redesign.

We actually had a couple version that almost went live, but they just didn’t feel right, so we went back to the drawing board.

Ultimately, we ended up with what’s live today, where briefly talk about each of the products in the Banno Platform.


Since I was hired at Banno in 2010 (actually T8 Webware at the time), I’ve designed all of the updates to the company website. I always joke that it’s a love|hate relationship in that I love that I can help tell our story but I hate that the marketing responsibility falls on me as a product designer instead of the marketing department.

The new is definitely my design vision but Jack Henry’s marketing team played a critical role in helping with messaging and letting us know what’s NOT ok to talk about publicly.

The homepage touches on every product in the Banno Platform.
Slick CSS animations detail how Banno Apps™ are white label.