Josh is a designer
who codes.

I’m a product designer at Jack Henry & Associates. I plan, design, and engineer software for banks to provide better experiences for their members.

on my mind

The Porch

My previous post was about my mom’s coffee shop but mostly about some dots connecting for me on the importance of design in the creation of a business and a product. I’ve been working on a logo for my mom’s...

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Designing businesses

My mom has wanted to open a coffee shop for years. She’s been planning and designing her business in her mind all while holding down a full time job, hosting all the major family get togethers, babysitting grandkids; a full...

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Designing is a good gig

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t absolutely swamped with a giant backlist of work to do. It’s not a terrible problem to have and honestly I’ve gotten pretty used to things never letting up. A lot of people...

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DIY WIP: Virginia Maid by Lane Cocktail Table

Creativity manifests itself when the mind is clear. Working in a creative field it’s sometimes hard to force yourself into a creative mindset five days a week for 9 hours (ha) at a time. It’s downright impossible to stay inspired...

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Microsoft Edge: so stinkin’ smart

It’s clear to me that the old Microsoft is dead and gone. Since Satya Nadella became CEO in early 2014 he’s been on a mission to make Microsoft matter again to consumers and businesses and they’re getting there by focusing...

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A week with the Apple Watch

My first impression after opening the box containing my 38mm Apple Watch Sport was, “damn, it’s way too small.” There are no Apple Stores nearby so I didn’t try the new wearable before I made my order but assumed that...

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Healthcare and the auto industry

They have nothing in comomon (right?) but if I didn’t work in the financial technology industry, I’d pick healthcare or automotive. I’ve gone to the doctor a dozen times already in 2015 (I’m fine) and each time I’m disgusted by...

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