I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t absolutely swamped with a giant backlist of work to do. It’s not a terrible problem to have and honestly I’ve gotten pretty used to things never letting up. A lot of people feed on that environment, I may be one of those people.

So for the last five years I’ve been designing professionally but the work I’ve been doing lately has been maybe the most fulfilling. I launched a brand new design language for our enterprise apps, it’s basically a style guide for everybody in the company to use so that they engineer their apps to a certain standard. It’s all built in some of the nicest, cleanest CSS and HTML I’ve written, all built on the BEM naming convention which I think helps people to understand easier as they read through it.

On top of releasing the new design language in HTML and CSS, I also had to design it. The amazing things we have planned at JHA are starting to come to life. I’m getting to solve some really interesting problems, come up with new product ideas and then design them. I can’t go into any of it, but man…

It’s a good gig.